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The Eating Disorder Trap Podcast

The Eating Disorder Trap Podcast creates an expansive resource system for people struggling with eating disorders. Hosted by Robyn Goldberg, an IAEDP certified eating disorder registered dietitian/supervisor and certified intuitive eating counselor.

Nov 30, 2020

Erica Leon, MS, RD, CEDRD, is the owner of Erica Leon Nutrition, an outpatient group nutrition practice in White Plains, NY. She utilizes a “non-diet,” Health at Every Size ® approach, which helps chronic dieters and those in recovery from eating disorders to discover their natural, internal signals of hunger, fullness and satisfaction.

She is certified as an eating disorder dietitian with The International Association for Eating Disorder Professionals, and as an Intuitive Eating Counselor. Erica is also certified as a Body Positive Facilitator. 

Erica’s online intuitive eating program is called Intuitive Eating Essentials for Midlife, Menopause and Beyond.

We discuss topics including:

  • Normalize that bodies change during aging
  • Creating groups with women that are all in similar places during the menopausal journey
  • The lack of information from physicians regarding menopause and how bodies change
  • How to reprioritize goals in life.
  • Concerns that occur during midlife