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The Eating Disorder Trap Podcast

The Eating Disorder Trap Podcast creates an expansive resource system for people struggling with eating disorders. Hosted by Robyn Goldberg, an IAEDP certified eating disorder registered dietitian/supervisor and certified intuitive eating counselor.

Mar 1, 2021

Michael P. Levine, Ph.D., is Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio, where he taught 33 years. In the field of eating disorders his commitment to research, writing, and advocacy focuses on the intersection between sociocultural risk factors, prevention, and community psychology. He has authored two books and three prevention curriculum guides, and he has co-edited three books on prevention. In 2015, as co-editor with his long-time collaborator and colleague Dr. Linda Smolak, he published a two-volume Handbook of Eating Disorders (Wiley & Sons Publishing). He and Dr. Smolak will be publishing a new and expanded version of their 2006 book The Prevention of Eating Problems and Eating Disorders (Routledge/Taylor & Francis) in the late summer of 2020. 

We discuss topics including:

  • How Michael became interested in the field of eating disorders or how he was “groomed” to be in it
  • Research and weight stigma
  • What is normal and normative in our culture
  • What you can do as a professional to further your interest and passion in the field