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The Eating Disorder Trap Podcast

The Eating Disorder Trap Podcast creates an expansive resource system for people struggling with eating disorders. Hosted by Robyn Goldberg, an IAEDP certified eating disorder registered dietitian/supervisor and certified intuitive eating counselor.

Aug 9, 2021

Crystal Karges, MS, RDN, IBCLC, is a Maternal Child Health Specialist, and Food & Body Image Coach for Mothers. Crystal is passionate about helping mothers build a peaceful relationship with food & their bodies so they can confidently feed themselves and their children, raise intuitive eaters and create a generation free from diet culture. Crystal is committed to providing holistic, compassionate, and evidence-based nutrition care to mothers and families worldwide through her online blog and virtual nutrition coaching practice.

We discuss topics including:

  • Crystal’s entrance introduction into motherhood and being a lactation consultant
  • Children are the best teachers
  • Parenthood is about learning
  • Risk factors for postpartum depression
  • Achieving support and that there is not a “right” way to feed a baby


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